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Junior School - New Entrant & Years 1/2

In the Junior School homework is designed to be a shared activity between parent and child. Parents have the opportunity to see their child’s progress and enjoy the process of their learning.

Homework should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.


A reading book will be sent home Monday—Thursday. This book is read by the child to the parent who then signs off the child’s

reading log.

The child’s poetry book will be sent home on Friday to be read and shared together.


Kiwi Class will bring home an Alphabet Book.

Tui and Kea Class will bring home spelling words to learn.


Parents are given a writing sheet which shows the correct way to form letters in written script. Parents are encouraged to use this sheet as a guide with their children.


A sheet with a 100 Chart is sent home with suggestions for

activities to do with your child.

Other Maths goals you can support your child with will be

discussed at Parent Teacher Interviews.

Senior School - Years 3/4/5/6
  • Children will be expected to learn spelling and practise their basic facts.
  • The main component of their homework will be the WAKA Learnng Challenge


In 2010 we began trialling new way of doing homework by introducing the WAKA LEARNING CHALLENGE. The children were given the opportunity to take up the challenge of achieving these awards and many students have completed and received their badges.

The idea behind the Challenge is that the home and the school work together with the students to explore new and different ways of learning. The emphasis is on completing meaningful learning in a fun and inspiring way, with help from families at home.

We require all Year 3-6 students to take up the challenge. We believe all children will benefit from achieving the challenges and from designing their own.

In the chart below you can see how many challenges you need to get for each award. All children must achieve  Bronze Award First. Before attempting a new badge level the previous badge challenges must be complete.


Achieved: 10 challenges

Merit: 14 challenges

Excellence: 18 challenges


Achieved: 12 challenges

Merit: 16 challenges

Excellence: 20 challenges


Achieved: 16 challenges

Merit: 20 challenges

Excellence: 24 challenges


Achieved: 20 challenges

Merit: 24 challenges

Excellence: 28 challenges

Reporting to parents


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