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Our Curriculum

The St Pius X School Curriculum is based on the requirements of the NZ Educational Guidelines within the context of a Catholic School Philosophy.

We recognise that our children will need to develop certain competencies in order to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities and society in general. The key competencies included in our curriculum are:

  • Thinking
  • Relating to others
  • Understanding language, symbols & text
  • Managing self
  • Participating and Contributing

The competencies focus on the ongoing development of the individual identity as a person who thinks and acts autonomously and appropriately in certain ways and in diverse contexts. Our curriculum is designed to educate the whole child and to cater to each child’s strengths and abilities. We are fully committed to developing the intellectual capacity of each child and ensuring that they experience success in their quest for learning.

Children with special needs and abilities are identified and every effort is made to cater to the needs of individual students so that they can achieve their potential. Our school is a 4D (For Dyslexia) school i.e. we cater for children who may have dyslexia and/or learning differences. Our staff are trained to notice and adjust their teaching so that they can cater to each child’s different learning needs and learning style. We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child and helping each child believe in themselves so they can reach their potential.

We assess literacy and numeracy progress and achievement for our students against National Curriculum Achievement Objectives, regularly providing our Board with reassurance about the effectiveness of the curriculum delivery at St Pius X School. 


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