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Student Welfare

First Aid

The Medical room is situated in the administration area. It is used for minor injuries and as a place for injured or sick children to rest while their parents are contacted. The staff make every endeavour to contact parents if an emergency arises but children are taken to a doctor if a serious situation occurs and parents cannot be contacted. At all times, staff do their best to communicate with parents over health concerns.

Medical History and Medication

It is essential that up to date information is given to the school in cases where special medication is required. Please ensure that the class teacher and the Office Manager are well informed and that medication is on hand if required. Medication is to be kept with the Office Manager.

Dental Clinic

The services of Dental Therapists are available for preschool children and all primary children. Our school is serviced by the Titahi Bay Dental Hub based in Kura Street. Please ring 0800 TALK TEETH if you have any dental concerns for your child. The Dental van visits our school each year to check the children's teeth also.

Swimming and Physical Education

PE and swimming are an important part of the curriculum. Children are expected to participate unless there is a medical reason. Notes are required to excuse participation. Senior school children are to wear their school PE uniform for lessons.

Sun Protection

School policy requires all children to wear the school sunhat during the first and fourth terms, while outside during the school day.

Health Agencies

The Hearing and Vision tester visits the school each term for screening or new entrants and any other children that the teachers have a particular concern about.

Special Education Services

Referrals to Special Education Services are made through the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and/or the Principal.

Health Nurse

The Public Health nurse visits the school regularly. If you have any concerns with the health and development of your child or events that may affect the health of your child, please contact the school office and Health Nurse will be informed.

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