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School Rules

School Policy:

Discipline requires a positive approach. Rules have been evolved to protect pupils and to ensure that behaviour is of an acceptable standard. The school environment is to be a pleasant, secure place for all. Pupils will be helped to learn to internalise standards of behaviour and become self disciplined through consistent management of their behaviour by parents/guardians/caregivers and teachers.

Playground Rules

  1. Do what staff ask straight away.
  2. Play safely and fairly.
  3. Respect other people.
  4. Play within school boundaries.
  5. Respect property and environment.
  6. Wear correct school uniform.

Classroom Rules

  1. Do what the teacher asks straight away.
  2. Respect other people.
  3. Respect property.
  4. Work quietly in the correct place.
  5. Walk inside.
  6. Ask teacher before leaving the room.

It is recognised that 95% of managing student behaviour is preventing problem behaviour in the first place. Consequences may suppress unacceptable behaviour, but specific teaching and positive reinforcement programmes are also needed. All staff endeavour to foster warm positive relationships with children by showing respect, courtesy and friendliness. 

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